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Video streaming on Android devices has been made easy thanks to Zimly. With this application, you will find it much easier to stream songs and videos on your device from your computer. It comes in an automated mode meaning that you will not have to set it up or go through any difficult processes before you can use it. In addition to that, you can [play any video format because once you load it, the app will automatically convert it to a format that plays well. According to statistics from leading online sources, the number of people who are using this application all over the world has been growing very fast.

Home Media Cloud for Android:

Any of the video files that have been stored locally can be played in your Android when you use Zimly. This is because the app works just as if you are using the default media player of your device. This makes it both easy and fast to use. If you are used to you own media player, you can be sure that nothing will be too complicated for you. Because of this feature, you now get a single place through which you can access all the files that have been stored in your devices. You therefore will find it much easier to create play lists and even store them for later use.

Connecting to you files when streaming using Zimly is quite an easy process. All you require is just a nine digit PIN and you will be ready to go. Since there is minimal configuration that you will require so as to use the device, you can be sure that whether you are a new user or an experienced one, nothing will be too complicated for you. What makes it even better is that you can even bypass the PIN by connecting to the app using your social media accounts such as Facebook and Google.

A majority of those who use Zimly for media streaming say that they like the great design and usability. The user friendly UI puts all the functions at the fingertips of the user. Additionally, you get to stream your HD videos with no downtime. You can even choose to enjoy your media offline. If you want subtitles and lyrics to the videos, you also can access them. This is an application that will definitely make you enjoy listening to songs and watching video files wherever you might be.



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