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There is the Year 2012 in this game. It’s a multiplayer online game that is played, millions of people every day. In this game, so we do a good history of nuclear war in 2012 that creates the country’s history and 5 merge into a massive force of the great powers in this war. You can fight against other players live. You can find millions of people playing the game online. About 2.8 millions players is active whenever login.You can download the application from Android Market

Pros & Cons:


  • Fun and addictive game, with great features
  • Hours in a strategic way to play
  • Multi-player against other players of World War, as well as invite other


  • Maybe not initially intuitive, searching and missions for more information.

Download World War For Android

The game has a fresh theme, but it is not intuitive, in some navigation. The best way to learn is to find all the options and press to see what he does. Do not worry, if you play this game, you will have time to discover that progress in the low power consumption and resistance is only possible if you expect some of the timers in each.


  1. Massively multiplayer online war game for Android!
  2. Join over 1.3 million players!
  3. Free updates with new missions, units, buildings and much more!
  4. Battle other players LIVE
  5. Choose from 5 countries – the United States, Great Britain, Germany, China and Russia – each variety of degrees of bonuses
  6. Show your army with the best infantry, soil, water and air units
  7. Community support to expand the Army to build its base
  8. Ally with other players to make you stronger
  9. Enjoy the wonderful graphics
  10. Perform many dangerous missions
  11. Get real time updates
  12. Comment on other players
  13. The messages transmitted by Alliance
  14. Simple and easy to use touch interface
  15. and much, much more!!!

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