What does LEO Privacy Guard offer to its users?


LEO Privacy Guard is known to be a simple app that has a user friendly interface and secures phone privacy in every sense and manner. With this simple app, you can have relaxed mind about people snooping in to your phone. The app has several functions to be offered to its users. List of several features offered by this wonderful app is as follows:

AppLock: In a single click you can lock all your downloaded apps. To change to multiple modes you will need a simple switch. Moreover, with this feature you can cover your apps, mask them, and guard your phone in a comprehensive manner.

Privacy of phone: Phone safety is ensured with the help of phone alerts. In this way you keep the snoopers away from the phone in a modern manner.

APP Management: This app ensures that the unwanted apps are uninstalled while provide backup for the important apps. Also it plans the data and battery usage is under control with this app too.

New design: The app offers a user friendly interface so that people may understand in an easy manner. Stylish themes look attractive to the eyes and decorate the screen as well.

In short, the app offers several unique features to its users.

You can free download LEO Privacy Guard from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You can read more about LEO Privacy Guard on official website.

You can also connect on LEO Privacy Guard Facebook page.

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