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Web Pc Suite is an amazing android phone manager app that let you manage and transfer your Android phone data on your desktop or laptops without using any data transfer cables. The transfer of the files is in the air using wireless connectivity. The one thing you have to keep care is that the phone from which you are transferring the data and the system on which data is to be transferred are on the same Internet network, if they are not on the same network the data transfer is not possible.

Categorize, Share and manage your files and folders:

This app is very easy to use; no technical knowledge is required to use Web Pc Suite. The interface is very user friendly. The best part of the Web Pc Suite is that it allows you the complete access to your phone on the browser. Do whatever you want to do, either transfer a file , edit it or update it, you are allowed to do that because you have full access to your phone on the browser. You can categorize your file in the folders, hence you can do all tasks in a normal and same way you were doing using data transfer cables but unique part is using Web Pc Suite this transfer is in the air using the wireless connection and this type of transfer is easier as compared to transfer using data cables.


Amazing and Unique

The more unique and the most amazing feature is you can also transfer  files and folders that are on the other platform, you don’t have to use Bluetooth connection to transfer such files, simply use Web Pc Suite and transfer your files and folders on the other platform in easy way and in short duration. You can also play music files and the video files. The one more interesting thing you can do using the Web Pc Suite is that you can upload or download your all files and folders in your system and if you want to install your .apk file on the browser simply click the .apk on the web and it is installed on the browser.

Web Pc Suite is available free of cost and free of all kind of advertisements  at Play Store, download it and start using it now and enjoy transferring your data in the air.


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