Walking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run – A Review


There have been plenty of dinosaur related games, movies, apps and documentaries created in the past. Some were based off books written about these fearsome creatures and other were imagined all along. But the Walking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run game app which has recently hit stores is an app which is designed specifically for the iPhone 5.Perfectly capable to work on iOS of 4.3 or more, it supports the iPad, iPhone and iPod.


As far as the features are concerned there are plenty which are worthy of mentioning and commending. Based upon a movie previously created with the same name, the app encourages players and users to indulge in active action game play. Plenty of obstacles lie in the way and users have to find their paths through them in order to progress through the game. The killer graphics shall not disappoint and many users find them greatly appealing.

There are countless bonuses hidden along the path of the game. Players can activate and unlock them by escaping the hungry jaws of the Gorgosaurus, breaking down the obstacles set up at numerous locations, fight the Troodons, steer clear of trees and rocks which fall out of the sky and finding their way through pre dated forests.

In order to upgrade the bonuses availed; the player needs to use Patchi to collect and gather leaves. This makes up a part of the game’s plan of progress. Moreover, steering clear of the herds of dinosaurs found along the way is of much use and importance as the game’s motto declares that “It’s Tough Being Small in a World This Big”.

Scavenging dinosaurs exist in large numbers and you need to dodge them before it is too late. With the accumulation of bonuses you get to unlock new environments, scenes, settings, players, and even characters.

Available for a meager $0.99 on the iTunes store, this game has users’ double minded as to whether thank the Lord for its remarkably low pricing, or else wonder why it wasn’t priced higher. Fun, mysterious, action packed and captivating, this app is a must have!

Author: ehsan

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