Upcoming iwatch with circular display and wireless charging


So the people waiting for the iwatch have good news here because their wait is over! After a long time and great efforts the Cupertino company is about to launch its iwatch in the middle of this year. And to bet on, this is going to be one of the most predictable contrivances of this year. Probably most of us agree that iOS has been the most serving mobile operating system all over the world and here it comes again with one more beautiful and appealing device with so many influential apps that can give your life a tilt from the routine and which everyone wants to get.

Now coming towards its quality, one of its dominant and most important features is its wireless charging ability. Its body is made up of aluminium and it is charged by induction method so let’s just get rid of the wires first. Moreover when you go out it serves itself and gets charged even by absorbing solar energy so it has the ability of solar charging with the help of solar panels under the screen as well as its standby time period is 250 hours.


Moving further it gives you notifications through vibrations except ringing. As it is a watch, you are going to wear it and it will be always in contact with your skin so it was a good idea to ease you by making you feel the notifications instead of hearing. Adding up, it has a sleep button and an effect of ‘sleep’ and ‘awake’ mounted in it therefore for this purpose a micro optional home button is included in it. Body gestures can easily maneuver the ios and its functions.

It’s not over yet, it can be coordinated with the iphone, ipod or ipad with the help of Bluetooth or wifi in order to transfer photos, any type of app data, music or maps etc. Its specifications include:

A6 processor, 1.2 MP front camera, M7 motion coprocessor, 720p HD video recording, wifi, Bluetooth LE 4.0, GPS and GLONASS, 1.4 inch cobalt display, black screen radiance sensor, resolution up to 200 pixels, temperature sensor, pulsometre and storage up to 8GB and 16GB.

You will be able to listen to music with your iwatch as well. You just have to do is to synchronize it wireless through BLE to the newly designed air pods and here you go!

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