Top 5 Android ROMS of all time and available Free for Download


1. TriangleAway can Reset your Flash Counter Tool:


The flash counter and triangle express had to be stored somewhere. triangleawayQR Everybody knew that. Guesses have been made in the past where it could be, and I have individually compared the raw flash disk content between different amount of personalized flashes in the past, not able to find any differences. You can get rid of of and evaluate the entire /dev/block/mmcblk0 and you will not find a change (you’ll find a few unallocated and unused gaps, though).

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2. Download Screenshot It for Android:

Screenshot It

Take a screen shot of your cell phone screen. scrn-shotQR It could perhaps required a rooted phone (will depend on phone). Crop the screen shot or save as it is you take. It will gives you a lot of options like sharing a screen shot on web. After save screenshot in to your cellphone, you can also set as wallpaper or as a screen saver.

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3. ICS Nova Launcher icons update for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich:

ICS Nova Launcher

Nova launcher has just obtained an awesome update. novaQR Although up-dates are not actually needed to this presently outstanding home launcher, but we will enjoyably welcome extra improvements and possibilities. Nova Launcher brings even more changes and configurations to your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich home screen.

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4. HTC Jetstream gets custom CWM based recovery and permaroot:

custom CWM based recovery and permaroot

While development for the HTC Jetstream has jetstreamQR been very slim since its release that is absolutely not to say the device has been left behind totally by programmers and now, some new doors have been opened.

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5. Jaws MIUI Android NAND-ROM Free Download For HTC Hd2:


Love iPhone 4 so much? but have no money to buy one? nandQR Try Jaws MIUI Android NAND-ROM and convert your iPhone with the HTC HD2 MIUI 4 is another great improvement to CyanogenMod. I like his theme manager MiUI Music, Miren browser … Additional Stuff and improvements will be added in the upcoming. It is based on the Android os Froyo 2.2.1, and using MIUI 31-12 Hastarin oldcam 8.6 by tytung KerneThings that not working.

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