Tip for running app when they are stuck with an Ice Cream Sandwich


Almost everywhere you see Ice Cream Sandwich being ported to one cellphone or more. Every time you will find an edition up-date to AOSP, it’s fun to be an Android geek. And every time it occurs, and our terrific community of programmers start porting it over to active phones we start seeing applications that just aren’t working well. Even our favorite apps are not worked properly. So when you have no option and your application you need is misbehaving? It is a bit unique problem when a build is hacked with each other vs an official upgrade, like we are seeing now with Ice Cream Sandwich. Here’s what I would highly recommend:android apps for ice cream sandwich

Do not use the report to programmer function from the force close dialogue if you see one. There’s a good chance the application isn’t operating because of something the developer has no handle over, and just an app report is going to confuse the situation. Take a moment and find contact information for the developer, and send them an email telling them what is happening, the programs you use, and if you can, send a logcat the event. Also let the ROM programmer know there is a problem, but do not expect that he or she must be able to do much. In fact, you should not expect the application developer to be able to solve the problem either – things like hacked video drivers or other binary bits we need and do not have can lead to unsolvable issues.

The important thing to remember,

ICS ROM developer Beezy:

“For now, just sit back and relax. Enjoy what you can do now, and wait for everything we need from Google and the manufacturer. Try a different app that does the same thing.”

I’ll also add that there is no need to use ICS just because it is available. Give it a try when you can, and if it works for you flash back. Remember – this is supposed to be fun.

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