Tegrazone Player’s favorite game awards go to GTA III and Shadowgun


At the starting of May, NVIDIA opened voting for a new circular of prizes that would highlight some of the best TegraZone games. The TegraZone Player’s Choice Awards were determined by you, the fans, whose votes went toward records to win one of seven ASUS Transformer Pad award packs.

To enjoy their first year of Tegra Zone games they had fairly the giveaway and award contest for Best Design, Best Gameplay and Best Overall — and today the final results are in.

Out of all the brilliant and remarkable NVIDIA THD games the two games that are on the top were SHADOWGUN by MadFinger Games, and Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar. It is really quite amazing just how outstanding the graphics from SHADOWGUN really were.

We have a great video using the HTC One X operated by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core playing both of these games so check it out below:

Best Graphics:

Shadowgun THD won by a landslide for its class-defining visuals. Shadowgun THD provides tons of unique content you will not find on any other gaming platform: water fluid results, destruction and aging effects, and even particle effects, just to name a few.

Check out Shadowgun in Tegra Zone

Best Gameplay:

This group saw some warmed back-and-forth among GTA III and Shadowgun THD. Eventually, GTA III, from Rockstar, came out in front. Thanks to full-on game controller support on Tegra gadgets, Rockstar’s hit headline was voted tops in Best Gameplay.

Check out GTA III in Tegra Zone

Best Overall:
This combat was a nail-biter. GTA III and Shadowgun THD duked it out to win the Finest Overall crown, but Rockstar’s GTA III squeaked past Madfinger’s third-person shooter to be chosen as the Best Overall game in TegraZone. With full 3D audio and game control support, GTA III is as creatively stunning as it is exciting to play.

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