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There are thousands of apps for an Android, so you are always likely to find the exact game or music you want. Your smartphone can handle a host of audio apps and with these apps you can have access to millions of songs. Swizzle is a music based social network, allowing you to play all the playlists completely free. You are at liberty to use Swizzle for when planning a party and be able to already be selecting party music ahead of the event. You will be able to update the playlist with your favorite artist’s new music videos. With Swizzle you can become the music guru you always dreamed of becoming.

Free Social Music Platform to Share Music:

The Swizzle app can be used on your Android phone and users are able to o mix and loop their free music playlists and share these with whoever they want. You will be able to share your favorite pastime with others who have a similar music interest. You need to be 17 years old to download this app. The Google Play Store is opened with the download button and from there you continue the download process. Get your music more exposure and you can build your own customized playlist with the videos on YouTube and in Swizzle and then share this with friends.

Once you have invited them to use the app, you can then check out their playlists and see what it is that they are listening to. The fun part is that as a music guru now with Swizzle, you will be able to not only create playlists for certain events or people, you can also, as a budding musician, share your music and get it more exposure. Swizzle is free to use and requires Android 4.0 or later models. When you look at customer reviews you will see that the app gets a 4.5 out of five star rating just for being so cool.

Some of the key features of Swizzle:

– The UI is attractive and modern
– You can build your own playlists
– The application supports continuous and background play
– Nice for listening to while you get on with other things
– You can add songs through searching YouTube music videos in Swizzle
– You can meet new people who love the same music and artists that you do and add songs from their playlist to yours
– Share music anywhere with Swizzle
– They are powered by official open sources from YouTube

Expand Your Musical Knowledge Fancy yourself a music guru? It is said that people with lots of general knowledge are open to new experiences, and with this app you can really expand your musical knowledge and discover new musical tastes as well.
Google Play Link to Download the app for Free –

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