Speed Up Your Phone With The Cleaner


The Cleaner is a perfect app designed by Liquidium Limited Tools for speeding up the performance, boosting the memory and making the Android devices secure. It is something that is needed by all Android users. It is capable of optimizing your device, increase its security and cleaning up the storage by deleting all the unwanted stuff. It can be called a performance optimizer and phone booster. You can also clear the cache files and delete unwanted SMSs and calls from your phone’s record. It will automatically clean the malicious apps from your phone.

Speed Up Your Phone With The Cleaner:

Here are some features of the app that makes it different from the rest:

  • Memory boosting capability
  • Ensure maximum privacy
  • Conversation and unwanted record eraser
  • App manager
  • Storage manager

The app cleverly clears up the RAM and provides you some extra space to enjoy using your smartphone flawlessly. It can kill up the tasks that keep on running in the background. The unwanted and unused apps are smartly cleaned. You will have full control over the privacy of your phone because all the malicious apps that seek permissions of your private data are going to be deleted automatically.

All the inconvenient list of sent and received SMs will can be removed automatically. You will not have to remove these records manually nor you will have to worry that unwanted data will be there in your phone to take up much of the space.

A widget will be automatically developed on the home screen of your phone to ease the use of the app. The scheduled maintenance check is going to keep your phone running. The looks of the app can be customized according to the theme you like.

The Cleaner can leave your Phone free from all kinds of unwanted junk data making sure it works effortless without any clogs and interruptions.


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