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Presence on social media is the new fashion, these days. Everyone irrespective of his or her age is surely present on the social media and has their whole circle there.

SocialCamp Facebook &Twitter:

Facebook and Twitter are the two main forums where people like to spend most of their time. They post their live updates, their daily stuff, and interact with their friends. Some users have multiple accounts, which they want to operate at a time but practically it was not possible via their smartphone before the launch of SocialCamp app.


But this is possible now! If you have more than one Facebook or Twitter account, then you can certainly mange them by having the app SocialCamp: Facebook & Twitter. This app is very much useful in running the multiple Facebook & Twitter pages or profiles. You will get to see all the notifications at one place from all of your accounts.

Some of the features of this amazing app are:

–          You can schedule your posts for the later publishing. You do not have to pay the subscription charges for that even.

–          With this app, you will get to know that what kind of post people liked and how your week went over the social media. With this analysis, you will get to know that what sort of content is being liked by others.

–          You can do postings to your multiple accounts quickly. Also, you can Retweet them to the Facebook; you can share the posts from the Facebook to the Twitter with one click and on the different accounts at a time.

–          This app will monitor the activities of your friends and will post the hot news for your followers.

This app is highly secured and it does not use any third party for any sort of saving or sharing the content. Thus, for converting your Android phone into the social media platform, the SocialCamp app is very much important for you.


Author: ehsan

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