Slice Geom Match Puzzle Game


Back in mathematics class, we all used to hate study complicated-geometry. It was such a time that we could not even run away somewhere or could bunk the class so the only option was to study that subject. No one can deny that he did not hate the geometry, as the figures were confusing and scary. The geometry teacher was also used to be that scary one, who used to come up with the long beating stick and the thick glasses.

Slice Geom Match Puzzle Game:

Well, the time passed somehow but still when we see such pictures or study material somewhere, we can’t stand it. Enough of the scary tour from the past, we should focus on what we have right now! Yes, we have something very interesting Android game here, which is going to make us enjoy the geometry, and you can actually play it too.

Slice Geom Free is the game, which is the favorite of many geometry haters now. The game is very much catchy and got all the easy stuff that you were craving to have in past in your real geometry class. This game is available on Google Play Store and has features like:

–          This geometrical game has the 20 easy levels.

–          Also, it has 20 hard levels.

–          You can play it easily on smartphone and tablets.

–          Collect 60 stars in easy and hard level both.

–          You can always take help from the video if you feel you are stuck somewhere.

–          Also, the hints are available when you get trapped for a long.

–          Play it in any of your mother tongue including Russian, German, English, or French.

Doesn’t it sound so much unlikely that typical geometry class, which we all hate to take? The new Android free game Slice Geom has made us fall in love with the geometry this time!


Author: ehsan

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