Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S III officially at Mobile World Congress in February


We are present in the Samsung’s CES press meeting last Monday, but even we would not identify the little treasure that All About Samsung did: an earlier unseen gadget shown off in a WiFi camera marketing. Is this the much-rumored Galaxy S III, or just a fantastic mock-up made for the CES presentation? You be the decide. Instead, I will, since I am going to writing this article.

Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S III

The device on screen looks “actual” in the physical impression, but the image is really fake. Searching closely at a lock up frame betrays a bezel which is uneven (not to mention ludicrously thin) and the basic Android/TouchWiz user interface standbys like a indication meter are not present. In all possibility we are looking at a dummy unit with a placeholder display and design overlaid digitally, with an actor just playing along.

All that said, the Galaxy S III is definitely coming, and possibly sooner instead than later. If Samsung’s bounce from the original Galaxy S to the S II is any indication, we can expect a short profile, updated software and a larger display – though it can not get too much bigger without being primarily a lesser version of the Galaxy Note. Earlier rumors pegged it to have a 1.8Ghz dual-core brand, a 4.6-inch 720p Super AMOLED display (matching the Galaxy Nexus) a 12MP camera and an astounding 2GB of RAM.

Samsung CES 2012 Press Conference: Pushing Boundaries

It is absolutely possible that the product in the video (around the 6:40 mark) is the GSIII, but with so small official information available, a glimpse is all we are getting for now. Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S III officially at Mobile World Congress in February, the same venue that the Galaxy S II received last year.

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