Salient features of Zombie Apocalypse 3D


What will you do if your planet is attacked by some unknown virus that converts the human beings in to walking dead zombies? You can experience it by playing the game named “Zombie Apocalypse 3D”. In this game an unknown virus named Z Virus has attacked and infected the people and they are being converted in to walking dead zombies. These zombies need to be killed otherwise they will be destroying everything and nothing will be left. You will be dropped off to the infected city and your mission will be to kill as much zombies as possible.

Zombie Apocalypse 04

Make sure them you hit them on head in order to kill them in single shot. In other case you will have to hit 5 to 6 strokes to kill the zombie.

Salient features of the Zombie Apocalypse 3D:

Salient features of this wonderful game are as follows:

  • You will enjoy being the first person to shoot the zombies first hand.
  • You can run, crawl or suddenly attack the zombie.
  • Keep yourself safe as they can affect you and turn you in to zombie as well.
  • As the number of zombies will increase, the virus will be strengthen too.
  • Multiple zombies will be there to make this game an ultimate zombie shooter.


Author: Sohaib Syed

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