Remembering Christianity with Trumpet Media Android App


Trumpet Media is an application created bySOLIDROCKBIZ. This application is a Bible devotion, which can be used on daily basis. It is the work of Dr. James Taiwo. This app is a collection of Bible principles and doctrine that are meant for all. This application is meant for both Christians and non-Christian, who wish to learn more about Christianity. Christians, who belong to different denominations, can get benefit from the Bible devotions. These devotions focus on the pure principles of Bible.

Trumpet media can help the users in analyzing how the old as well as new testaments of scriptures can be useful for individuals in their day to day life. Each of the devotion in the application has a lesson that is applicable to life and that can urge you to make a pray.

Features of Trumpet Media

  • Reading Bible devotion on regular basis
  • Read Christian articles
  • Church sermons in audio recording
  • Videos and audios of Gospel
  • Social sharing ability

It is a great application for stimulating spiritual growth within. This application is not just meant for the Christians but also for the people, who wish they could go to heaven.  It can help you remember your religion on daily basis.

Trumpet media is easily available for downloading. It is simple and easy to use.  With this application, people can develop as well as maintain relationship with God. This application contains Dr. James Taiwo’s daily Bible teachings. The teachings describe everything about the religion of Christianity. You will find detailed analysis of traditional as well as new testaments. These also include references so that the listeners can learn a lesson from all teachings on daily basis. These lessons can then be implemented in life too.

This application is not going to let you forget about your religion. This app can be useful for teens, tweens as well as adults.

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