Racing Car on Fire


Racing Car on Fire is a game that engages the thrill seeker in you. It gives you a virtual platform where you can put your real driving skills for a try-out. Coming with fantastic controls and realistic graphics, Racing Car on Fire makes you a part of an adventurous chase where you drive around in your cop car to catch the criminals. What is special about this car is that it can be driven at unbelievable speeds. With such a wonderful car, you know those criminals can’t keep running for long.

Special Features of the game:-

  1. To cross the finishing line first you need to drive as fast as you possibly can.
  2. Remember to collect fuel in order to keep racing and reach your target
  3. You can transform your car into a helicopter or a tank which makes your chase, all the more exciting.

Download Racing Car on Fire, today!

You can free download it from Google Play Store here and App Store here.

App Video Demo:

Author: ehsan

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