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Have you ever wanted to create a collage of photos with your phone? Well, now you can! Photo Grid allows you to add photos to the gallery or directly from the camera. You can move, pinch and enlarge your photos around using the multi-touch, until you’ve done a complete picture of the collage.
Photo sharing allows friends and family to relive one of life’s special moments. Sometimes, however, a framework is not enough. So if you want to see pictures of a fun day at the theme park, your child is doing something funny, or your pet is cute, using a grid of pictures Android is a great way to start.

How to Edit Photo with Photo Grid? There are Some Easy Steps:

1_ Download Photo Grid For Android.

2_ Open the application and select the style you want to do a collage.

3_ Choose the location of the photos you want to use for the collage.

4_ Click to select individual photos and click Create. If you make a mistake, photos can be removed at the bottom of the screen.

5_ Press the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen to change the order of the collage of images.

6_ For some reason the application that starts with frilly pink border collages. Fortunately, this can be changed by sliding your finger left and right images differ.

7_ Now you can save the collage of your SD card or share one of the applications on your phone. (There’s also an Edit button if you need to change a photo or two.)

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