Pextr Photography App for Android: A Revolution of Art


There are various means of exposing ones artistic side and with the introduction of smart phones and the online technology of transmitting and relating information. Applications on smart phones tend to be a little over used these days but with the introduction of the Pextr Photography App for Android this concept has slightly altered. With the introduction of this app it has become way easier for users who have a hidden artistic talent within to showcase their work to the vast online world. Pextr works in a unique manner unlike all other apps yet designed for the promotion of talent.


It is common knowledge that for the promotion of one’s handiwork or talent, one has to strive to spread the word about himself. But this is not the case with Pextr. Users of the app get to work on the honing their skills by aid of the numerous tools provisioned and let their artistic side speak out for itself. When they are done with the demonstration of their finest skills they only have to post it up on their profile. The app then takes up the responsibility of acquiring exposure for it. An automated system enables the app to send out users’ creations to any three random users and upon every positive rating acquired it gets forwarded to another set of three users.

Pextr   Android Apps on Google Play

Amongst its other features is the fact that it works on a points based system which increases the level of recognition of a user plus moves him or her forward on higher levels. The higher the level, then obviously the greater the recognition and promotion received.

Users are provisioned with the ability to share their works as well to social media networking where they may garner more exposure. Friends on their social networks also retain the ability to share the work created and so forth the cycle continues.

Photo art has never been more appreciated than now with the Pextr Photography App for Android. More like the instant messaging utility, it deals in actual photographs and painting all while provisioning a slew of additional aiding tools for users. The best bit is, it is entirely devoid of cost!

You can download Pextr app from Google Play here.

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