A recent trend has been observed of wearable tech devices. Among these devices smart watches have primarily caught the attention of the masses. Especially as Google and Apple both are allegedly launching their smart watches late this year. It is expected that both these watches would be giving each other a rigid competition. Let us now focus on both of these would-be-coming smart watches and decide for ourselves which of them supersedes the other. Google has finally come up with its wearable device called as the “ Android Wear”. It is almost like Google Now on smart watches. You can have access to all sorts of timely information such as social updates , chat updates , notifications from shopping and news apps etc. it is also equipped with the technology of voice communication which automatically implies that now you can have answers to spoken questions and likewise. Android watches have now introduced another particular feature so that it can ace the race of smart watches and this feature revolves all around health and fitness. In other words it enables you to track calories burnt as well as the distance travelled etc. For the hardware of this watch google is said to be collaboration with companies such as Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung to create devices, chipmakers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm — and fashion brands such as Fossil Group.


In contrast let us now consider another much awaited and looked forward to wearable tech device which is the iwatch which is ios friendly and probably would have some connection with your iphone. The details of this iwatch are still a tad murky but it can be safely speculated that Apple is trying to come up with a health and sport focused device. It is said that this watch would be equipped with the necessary technology to even predict a heart attack as well as monitoring all the steps that you take. Rumours about the structure of this iwatch vary but it is widely said Apple may go for a fully flexible plastic OLED screen. However another claim was heard prior to this one that Apple might go for curved corning glass. Some of the specifications of iwatch that have been unveiled so far are as follows

• 1.5 inch display

• complete iOS

• glass is plastic OLED (P-OLED)

• biometrics and other sensors

• target battery life: 4-5 days

Now hold your breath and lets’s wait for the wonders which these two smart watches will bring forth.

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