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Nexercise is a totally new app that you wouldn’t have seen till now. The CEO and co-founder Ben Young after gaining his degree in computer science, saw his weight going up and down and then got an idea of nexercie and formed this unique app. This is specifically for the lazy people who avoid doing workout and every time find excuses to avoid exercise. This is a way to make you exercise in the form of a game.

This app combines your daily workouts with its new technology and transforms it in the form of a game that everyone would love to play. As in a normal game there is an urge in a person to overcome his/her friend’s scores and be a champion. So same is the case with this app, in order to overcome his/her friend and get more points one has to work out more and this is the way he can lose most of his weight and get rid of the extra fats by just playing. It makes exercising more fun like a game. And in order to be a winner in this game you don’t have to be a sports champion or something like that but just you have to do is to work out or do running for 15 minutes. It’s that easy !!

As we all know that now a days it is an era of laziness and a single motivation is not enough but as we have a lot of technology lovers here so this is the best solution to combine health with technology in order to make a better source of motivation and nexercise is the result of this. You can say that nexercise is the next generation of. You simply have to be active even at times you think you can’t, challenge your friends and then start achieving your goal. It is the best thing for the people that try to shape the things in new style and are challenge loving.



You should know what the press says about this app

Shape Magazine: One of “9 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Stay Motivated”
Mashable: A “Top Health and Fitness App”
JetSet Magazine: A “Workout Gadget to Whip You Back Into Shape”
Huffington Post: “A true Fitness App For Lazy People”
Washingtonian: “The Next Generation of Exercise”
Reuters: “Need motivation to hit the gym? Perhaps some free merchandise will work”

So you don’t need any motivation after this, just get this app downloaded and start losing weight that you always wanted to do.

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