Netflix now supports all Android 2.2 and 2.3


After a few months to support Android select few, Netflix has released a new update that should work on all smartphones running Android Froyo or gingerbread. According to the Google page developers, supporting 2.2 and 2.3 should be approximately 80 percent of all Android devices. It’s time you saw a Netflix offers support based on a version of Android rather than working only on some phones. If you keep your application to work on some devices using the Android version is much more logical boundary that is less likely that people complain about the fragmentation of the platform.

It is also possible that they thought their customers are increasingly upset with them for not offering an Android application, and do not want to be bothered too much. If this happens, chances are even used as evidence to show the content owners really need to put Netflix in all / most Android phones, otherwise we will all suffer and lose income.

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If you have a modern smartphone Android, but you can forget that, by downloading the application now and watch Robocop.

Whatever their reasons for this, it’s still good news for all customers of Netflix with Android phones as they can now enjoy Netflix on the go. Well, you should always keep an eye on your data usage, especially if you are capped. It is best to just use it when around a Wi-Fi router or access point, because you watch movies online can eat up data quickly.

You can get the free Netflix app from HERE right now.

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