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Musations is the great app that is going to make your chat more appealing and interesting. Enjoy and express your words by using the music in your chat. Musations is developed by Musations Ltd. This app is very easy to use. The interface is user friendly app.  There are so  many apps are there in market providing you with so many amazing features but none of the app is like Musations that provides you the opportunity to have fun while having conversation with your friends and family.

How to Use the amazing Musations app:

  • Enter Text
  • Press the Search
  • Choose the song that matches with your text

Search Songs from the Music library:

There are so many songs in the library , simply enter your text and then search to see the song that matches your text and simply add it in your text. You can also share your Musation with your followers but don’t worry if you don’t want sharing your Musation with your followers than you have to share it with your friends and family members in the private text messages. You are also allowed to share the Musation of your friends in your news feed.

Categories In Musation:

Musation is an amzing and fun to use app. Share it with your friends and family s you can share your fun texts with all your circle. You can also follow other people on Musation and have look on their Musation. In the updated versions of the Musation adding the comments feature is also included. The new sounds and the  stability are focused in the newest versions of the Musation.

  • Featured Broadcasts
  • Trending Broadcasts
  • And so many other categories are there.

Download this from App store. This app is available for free download. Feel free to ask any query regarding the app. Have fun and share your suggestions with us your feedback is always appreciated.


Author: ehsan

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