Monitor you home even when you are away from home using AtHome Camera App


Being a father or a mother is one of the biggest blessings, but there are many responsibilities attached to parenthood. One of the biggest responsibilities is know how your children are doing at every minute. It is mostly not an easy task but with technology, it has become manageable. This is because you can install AtHome camera and be able to monitor them easily even when you are away.

Installing AtHome camera is very easy unlike all the other home security cameras in the market. This camera makes use of gadgets that you already have, for example, you can use your laptop or even a desktop provided it has a camera. You are required to install AtHome streamer application on these devices. The application is available for windows, apple products and android. You will also install Athome camera application in your smartphone and through the CID number generated from your laptop or desktop the two will have to connect when data connection is on.
• No extra cost is incurred because you will use the devices you already have.
• No complicated setups required because the process is straight forward
• The application has a scheduled recording to enable you to cover what you want to monitor
• It has motion detector that alerts you anytime there is unwarranted motion in your home when you are way
• It has a cloud storage for safe keeping of the stored data

You can free download AtHome Camera from Google Play Store here.

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