Max Payne Finally come’s to the Android Market [Download]


What else can we say about Max Payne? The guy is awesome, and the game is the responsibility of a single person. Finally, you can get the genuine Max Payne on your Android phones and tablets, only for $2.99. Obviously, there are a few optimizations to be experienced if you own a Tegra gadget (most distinctive on Tegra 3).

Download Max Payne Free for Android

Fair warning: you will have to get an additional 1.3GB of game files before to actually being able to enjoy Max Payne, so we suggest you hook up to a WiFi network prior to downloading. Once the download’s aside, Max Payne QR code you will be provided with a Rockstar made mobile edition of the game we have all come to know and really like over the years.

Download Max Payne for Your Android Phones and Tablets – Google Play Link


  •  Max Payne’s unique slow motion gunplay, Bullet Time
  •  Amazingly sharp, HD quality resolution and structure
  •  Game play designed for touch screen devices
  •  Highly customized settings
  •  Several aiming modes
  •  Suitable with the GameStop Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads
  •  Incorporated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
  •  Tailor your visible experience with changeable graphic settings
  •  Unlock secrets, track your stats and more with full Rockstar Games Social Club integration

Max Payne actual gameplay Screensots below:

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