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With every new rising day, new smartphones are introduced in the market, but many of them are not fully protected with malware and viruses attacks. These viruses and malware attacks to the mobile operating system and causes to damage memory, it is expected that theses malwares are grow rapidly in coming years. The fastest growing and most popular Android mobile OS might be the target of hackers out there. Like any other OS there are millions of Antivirus and security apps available in the market that can protect your mobile from intruders. But we are still lacking a good software solution for this. Well now a free service is there. It’s important to protect your phone if you save confidential details or credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

Take a look of this free antivirus and backup solution for your Android phones, blackberry and even windows based smartphones. This great application can be a true saviour of your smartphone. It provide firewall,remote locate and data wipe out feature. So, you can manage your smart phones without fear of Malware, Antivirus or hacking with this app.

Features of Lookout for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile

1) Antivirus and Firewall: Protects cell phones against hackers and virus infections.

2) Data backup: backup contacts and photos. To access it from anywhere.

3) Remote location: Locate your lost phone or erase the data before it reaches someone.

4) Complete management of the air monitoring applications and control in the air easily.

Download Lookout for Android,

Missing Device

Do not worry, if Android will be lost, because you forget where you put the Android, you can just tell vantage point on the site, and Android will alert

If someone steals the Android, you can easily find out the current position of Android with the premium version, you can lock your Android, and you can also delete all information about Android, including contacts, text messages, photos, email, browser history, user accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google) and an SD card.

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