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If you want to get an experience of excitement and adventure of being a real lion and wanted to act the same way as he rules in the forest and attack, kill or hunt for prey. So be the sovereign of all the animals in the tropical forest by playing Wild Lion Simulator. Being a loin you have to hunt different innocent animals present in the farm and make them your food or prey. As we all know that animals have the ability to smell the danger, that’s why you should not make any noises, especially when you are trying to hunt them.


In Wild Lion Simulator you have to control a hungry loin, who has nothing to eat but there is a farm in front of it and he has left no more option except to hunt his food in limited time period. This game has got awesome graphics, voices of real animals, and brilliant animations. You can roar just like a real loin, which will give it a real feeling.


By playing this game you could experience the actual thrill of hunting different animals in the jungle. This game has got amazing graphics, which make you feel real. And this game has got various levels, which will make it more exciting, thrilling and interesting. By achieving high scores you can unlock the next level. And high score could be achieved with large number of hunts. When you hunt the animal it can be seen through different angles and this feature will make the game more interesting.



As we are discussing its good points we will also mention its drawbacks, due to which some users don’t want to play it again. This game really needs to be updated. Developers should add some more options to this like selecting the gender of the loin, and adding some more animals in the farm so that people will have options to hunt the animal of their choice.


I have played this game and I found it very exciting and thrilling. And due to this I want to recommend this game to other people as well, so if you really have a free time and interest in playing animal hunt games, then you should download this Wild Lion Simulator game on your phone or tablet.

Google play: Wild Lion Simulation

iOS: Wild Lion Simulator

Author: Sohaib Syed

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