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As we all know that now a day’s smart phones have become a necessity for our new generation. They need it more than their food just because of its new apps and facilities that are very appealing especially to the new generation. The smart phones now are a part of you as they are always with you, always on and always connected, so you keep the world in your pocket.

One of the most instant and appealing apps is the kik messenger which is not just a messenger but more than that. It was founded in 2009 and now almost 14 million people love kik because of its fast and unique features. It is available on every android, windows, ios and blackberry operating systems free of cost. This app helps to talk to your friends any time, share and browse any website you want. It is the fastest and life like app running now. Adding up, kik do not uses mobile phone numbers as the username like other apps it creates its own username so you have total control over your chatting and you can decide whom to talk or not. You can share photos, stickers and sketches with your friends and moreover you are able to browse and share links using this app without leaving the app or downloading something else. The main thing that makes this app life like and fun to use is that you come to know every minute that your messages are being delivered, seen or the next person is typing for the reply. Moving further to the SHARE facility, if you find some picture or some link interesting and you want to share it with your friends then it is such an easy task by just tapping on the ‘share’ option.

10396386_614208528675674_1696849545_n (1)Kik

Moreover, if we talk about its overall features, they are as follows:

  • It works on different mobile systems, not specific ones.
  • It is capable of embedding the images you like into your messages.
  • It tells the users whether their messages are sent, delivered or read.
  • You can even do offline messaging.
  • You are able to customize the notification options.
  • Sketch content messages.
  • Youtube content messages.
  • Image search content messages.
  • You can have a group conversation with up to nine people.
  • External application programming interface (API)
  • Contains photobomb (a snap chat like photo sharing card)

So download it now and start enjoying its unique features. kik_messanger


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