Jelly Bean provides USB Audio service to Android gadgets


Looking into the new features and functions present in Jelly Bean, one item we have found is the inclusion of USB Audio. Jelly Bean provides USB Audio service to Android gadgets. Support for USB Audio indicates audio from a Jelly Bean based gadget can be utilized via the USB port. This provides an alternative to streaming audio by the external speaker jack or a Bluetooth link.

Jelly Bean

Using USB Audio, hardware manufacturers will be able to create audio dock gadgets to interface with Android powered phones and tablets. A great example of this was an Android. Link dock on display from Gear4 during Google I/O. Check out the video below that showing how this will work.

As the Gear4 video clip shows, the ability to bring audio over USB opens some options for the design of hardware that reduces complexity. Connecting in several cables (e.g. audio cable for sound and USB cable for asking for) or pairing up Bluetooth will no longer be essential. Based to Gear4, an app is in growth that will enable backwards interface with Gingerbread and ICS gadgets so they too can bring audio via the USB cable. However, the app was not offered at Google I/O.

Can you think of other gadgets for which the existence of USB Audio opens the progression door? Is there a specific accessory you hope will now be offered thanks to this new capability?

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