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Sam plays saxophone is an interesting educational app for kids. It unfolds story of Sam who went on an adventure to find musicians who can help him with his song composition.The dangers he faces, on his way, like wild deserts, deadly snakes and storms make the adventure interesting and attention grabbing. Along with the dangers Sam managed to find friends Kiwi, Roo, Snake, Croc and Dingo which the children would enjoy.

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There are many features of this app which makes it interesting for kids and keep them involved in the adventure of Sam. The story is presented in rhyme and the sounds of different musical instruments like Saxophone, Drums, Guitar, Bass and Keyboard also grabs the attention. The way music is presented on one hand makes the children enjoy and on the other hand it makes them learn about music and its composition. The lines of story are presented in written form as well on each page so it can be used in teaching and improving reading skill along with listening skill and on each page there is feature of repeating the narration by tapping it again. The colorful animated characters, the eye catching backgrounds and fun voice over characters, hand-made paper sculpture illustrations and music/ sound effects (which can turned on and off) keep the users engaged.
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To further make the app useful there are three educational activities which are designed to check child’s memory and to teach them about music.

I would suggest its a must download app as it is unique in the presentation of story along with educational aspects. So, download this and make your child learn and enjoy at the same time.

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