HTC Jetstream gets custom CWM based recovery and permaroot


While improvement for the HTC Jetstream has been very slim since its launch that is definitely not to say the device has been left behind totally by developers and now, some new doors have been opened.

DooMLoRD has designed a custom CWM based recovery and permaroot for the HTC Jetstream and made it accessible for download.

HTC Jetstream gets custom CWM based recovery and permaroot

The recovery is however in testing so reviews are required. Plus, like all things of this nature — careful attention is advised should you put it to use but if you are fine with that then you can head on over to XDA, pick up the download and check out the complete list of adjustments and features built in.

Download CWM-Based Recovery by DooMLoRD v01

MD5HASH: b74c3b3e13c8801636794e0019c214f5

Please Note:

Presently this recovery doesnt allow you to flash/backup/restore the boot and restoration partitions… thats because i was not able to find the device prevent related with those partitions… if u know what partitions are mapped to /boot and /recovery do let me know and i will add that feature asap!

How to flash this recovery:

  1. Download the recovery image
  2. Restart device into fastboot mode (adb reboot bootloader)
  3. Now flash the recovery using (fastboot flash recovery filename.img)
  4. Filename.img is the name of the restoration image you downloaded… thats it!!!

DISCLAIMER: “Get Free Android Apps is not responsible for any harm done to your Android Phone, do at your own risk.”

Source: XDA-Developer

Author: shoaib

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