Google Maps has been modified to increase Android battery life


Google Maps has been modified to increase battery effectiveness for latitude and location record users and a few bug fixes. Since Google Maps is the main application that most users use for gps and other location services its nice to see these types of up-dates. While only a few improvements to the application, its generally good to increase battery life and decrease its burn by even a small.

Google Maps

Download Updated Google Maps Free and track better lattitude, save battery life

Of course you can just upgrade the application via the Android Market so no need for a download here. Let us know if you notice any changes other than what we have described above. Finally, the newest update gives more indoor maps, which you can use to get around a range of indoor places in the US, mostly in the Las Vegas places for CES.

It is actually nice to see Google accomplishing to enhance their feature set while focusing on improving battery life, which can get very poorly hit in the Navigation procedure. If you have not already, be sure to head over to the market and update your Google Maps application to enjoy the latest and greatest Google has to offer.

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