GeoCannon – Capture Your Favorite Cities!


This outstanding game is a very good news for both iPhone and iPad users. They can get to enjoy this mind-blowing game for free and its version 1.0.4 is better than ever.

This tremendous app is optimized for the iPhone 5 users and offers you the opportunity to conquer your favorite cities all over the world. You have to play for the city you choose and if someone has already owned it, you can challenge that player by beating his score. Once you have made a new high score, you own that city now.

This app allows you to rule the city of your choice and enjoy this game globally online. You will just require your Facebook login and you can play against many players online.

Exciting Features

This app comes with some of the most exciting features and will take you a complete thrilling expedition. These key features include the Dynamic Logic, Original Levels of any city you choose worldwide, Physics, Pin Control to allow you to control the fast speed movements with only one finger, Music and so much more.

The New big Game

Playing this game will allow you to own your most loved places from all over the world. You can capture the cities with the help of your amazing Geopower.

GeoCannon is the next new buzz around. To excel in the game, you should first go easy and try capturing the cities near your stronger GEOPOWER Radius.

With this game in your iPhone and iPad, you have the whole world in your pocket. Become the conqueror of maximum cities of the world and make high scores difficult for others to beat.


Specialty of Version 1.4.0

This version of the game comes with better and advanced 18 Power Cards to charge your power up, excellent Dynamic Music for you to enjoy, enhanced engine efficiency and much more.

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