Galaxy Nexus in White coming on 13th February


Samsung Galaxy Nexus is coming but today Samsung made it official. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus in white is genuine, and coming soon. It will be arrived on February 13th and will be similar to the regular model — only white as snow. Unfortunately it being available so late it has missed the snow for a lot of markets, but then that depends on the place you live.

Like stated above, the white version will be on sale starting February 13th in places throughout the UK, and we will be expecting more to follow quickly. No US providers have introduced any plans yet but most likely let’s see it hit some 3rd party suppliers like Amazon, RadioShack and others ultimately — only the GSM version.

Galaxy Nexus in White

We 1st saw some pre-orders followed by legally leaked pictures but today Samsung has officially confirmed the mobile phone. Since these are GSM and jailbroke Samsung will be providing them for a pretty penny, but you will be able to select from the 16GB and the 32GB models. New samsung themselves did not provide any official rates but being unlocked they possibly wont be too cheap.

For Register Galaxy Nexus in Advance, Follow the link below:
Google started registration page for 4G LTE smartphone on Sprint

Lately leaked ads suggest that the Sprint release of the Galaxy Nexus could send with a little bit improved specifications. A web ad detailed that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus as introducing a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor (instead of 1.2 GHz), but keep in mind that could have been an error.

I wish Sprint will carry on to provide their genuinely endless plans, so their Galaxy Nexus buyers can appreciate their smartphones without owning to see data usage.

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