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Language is a means of communication, so if one person is writing or speaking a different one, there is no communication. There are even times when you need a quick translation for a certain word into another language, but you find yourself stack with the limited choices out there. Don’t wait anymore, use this android app called Flitto.

You can translate over 17 different languages without paying a coin. These languages also include English, Chinese, or even French. The meaning of foreign words is always in your hands. You can discover the meaning of words, help others, and earn points or money. When you earn money, there is an option for donating it to charity purposes too.

Features & Functionality

* Get a chance to Laugh

Flitto’s main job is to translate, so expect to find funny web comics translated into your language so that you can understand them. It looks bad when people are sharing humor in a language you don’t understand.

* Translation is Not done by Software

The beauty of this app is that it has over 3 million real users who translate every language you can imagine, fast and free. This means that translations will always be quick and accurate.

* What you can Translate

You can translate images, texts, or even voice recording and you will earn money. You can also translate Kpop stars on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and the rest. This is very important especially when you want to follow people who do not speak your language on social media. It cuts the chase of using Google translate software , which might not be as accurate.

* Points

Every translation that talks place in this app will always convert to points or money. You can choose to keep it or donate it to street children. The points are meant to help educate children from poor background in Thailand or in Africa. You can also use the money to shop in the Flitto store for gifts, accessories, foods, drinks and so forth.

* Choice of Languages Supported

English, French, Spanish, Chinese(Traditional and simplified), German, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Hindi, Thai and so much more.

In this Android app, you will also notice that translation request is categorized according to the most popular languages. Some of these include English translations, Spanish translations, Japanese translations, Arabic translations etc. The size of the app varies with the device it is being used on.


If you need a good translator, which is easy to use, quick to produce results and free, then this app will suit you well. Try it and see how many words and sentences you can translate. Download app from here


Author: ehsan

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