Facial Recognition Coming to Ice Cream Sandwich


Recently, list of APK file has been leaked. There is the file called FaceLock.apk. This means that Face recognition application for Android be released soon. The name of the application shows clearly that the application do something like face authentication.

All Google would need is a good algorithm with both false negative and positive low enough to be a convenient way to secure your phone, we already know about Google Goggles and Picasa as the experience is there, back to this function Ice Cream Sandwich seems possible.

Would not it be nice to use facial recognition to enter into an Android device?

It would not be the first time we saw some kind of biometric security on an Android device (Motorla ATRIX had a fingerprint scanner), but it is a welcome addition, now that our phones will soon replace as portfolios.

Our vision of 13 things we could do with Android 4.0 shows that Google is working on a new camera API, this feature facial recognition security may be available for all developers to incorporate into their Android applications.

via androidandme]

Author: shoaib

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