Easy Tips to make your Old Android phone as good as New


The year is rushing to a close and if you didn’t get a new cellphone for the holidays than there is no much better time to do some easy cleaning to make your old Android smartphone lean and mean as it used to be.

The final week of the year is the suitable time to clean up all useless apps. There is an effortless way to clear everything off the phone and start with a clean slate to get the new year off to a great start. Tips to make your Old Android phone as good as New

The objective of performing the big wipe is to get rid of products that has been packed on the phone but is no longer (or rarely) used, before we get began spin through the apps presently on the phone and with a vital eye make a list of those you use on a regular basis. Be brutal and if it’s been a few weeks since you last ran a specific app, leave it off the list.

Follow these Steps:

Go to Settings -> Factory Reset option. The settings are in different places in different Android models. A great area to look is the Privacy or Security settings on most phones. Once you pick the Factory Reset and confirmed the option, your smartphone will remove itself clean and return to its state when you took it out of the box brand new. All your configurations and apps will be gone.

What to do After Reboot your Android Smartphone:

When the phone reboot, sign in as if you did when it was brand new. It will rapidly bring all your files over from the Google cloud, because the factor of this exercise is to get rid of apps we don’t require, do not choose the option Google presents to back the mobile phone up to the Google web servers. If you do, all of those apps you do not want will be immediately installed, which defeats the purpose. Never install your listed apps either, as there may be system revisions that need to be utilized first.

Check for Updates:

Since your phone is now operating the OS edition as delivered, check out for Program Updates on the phone to bring it up to date. This setting is usually hidden below the About Phone area in Settings. Individually check for updates and download/apply them as presented. If your phone is very old there may be more than one.

Go to Android Market:

Once your smart phone displays no more available improvements, go into the Android Market and install the apps on the small list you designed previously. You will need to sign in to each app as required, and manually change your options as wanted. You must have these top 5 Android Apps which are highly Rated in Month of December.

New Year Start with new Android Smartphone.. Enjoy!!!

This looks like a lot of work but in actuality it doesn’t take much time nor a lot of attempt. The advantages of optimizing the phone function are well worth the effort, and your new year will start with the comparative of a new phone. This works for Android tablets too, even though if you have a Wi-Fi only model be sure and connect to your system at each stage to get up-dates.

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