Easy Tips and Tricks to increase Android Battery Life


Hey folks, here are some easy tips to save battery of your Android smartphone. For some smart phone users, every day is a combat to keep the battery life of your device long enough to get home and recharge it. However, this is not a specifically easy way to live your life. You may wonder if there are any methods to increase battery life. If you have an Android-based smart phone, there are some simple steps that helps you to increase your battery life.

Battery Before Applying These steps

The 1st thing you can do is modify the brightness of your phone’s display to a suitable stage for the situation you are in. When there is a lot of surrounding light, such as when you are outside the house, you will need your display screen to be bright. But if you are heading to be indoors for a long time, then this is not required. Some smart phones have an automated brightness-adjustment function, but for highest battery life you should turn this off to prevent needless changes and high power consumption.

The other thing to do is turn off the auto-sync option, so that apps are not regularly trying to use your data connection in the background, even though the phone is idle and the screen is locked. These changes can quickly drain your battery and may possibly also encroach on your monthly data allowance if you are not linked to a wi-fi network, so there are other benefits to disabling this.

Android’s Live Wallpapers are absolutely eye-catching, but leaving a Live Wallpaper enabled can drain your battery quickly. If you can stand to switch off your Live Wallpaper and replace it with a simple image, then you will get much more out of your phone from a single charge. The similar applies to the widgets you put on your home screen, as such functions that you do not use will be a useless energy drain.

Ending the various connectivity functions of your Android device and only leaving them active when you need them will increase the amount of time between charges. Turn off things such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS and even 3G if you are not planning to be applying them. A fast way to do this all at once is to turn on airplane mode, although this will avoid any calls or texts coming in to you. It may be a good option if you are not waiting for a specific call and you want to play a game or watch a movie during a long journey.

Save Battery with the help of Android Task Killer:
Multi-tasking is a great function of Android. If, even so, you have a lot of applications running in the background, this will not only hog your hardware sources but will also consume into your power as your processor tries to keep up with its many tasks. There are applications such as Android Task Killer which guarantee to get rid of open programs, but even these can be an energy-sapping hassle. It creates feeling to go through your list of open applications manually and disable them as you see fit.

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