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I just love to have the Car Driving Simulator 3D game on my smart phone. Anyone who loves to play racing games in their free time should try this. While playing this game you will feel like you are driving the car in real, due to its graphics, its maps, and especially from its manual gear options. And also due to its smooth drive you really enjoy driving your dream Lamborghini.


While driving a car if someone gets stuck in the traffic or simply gets smashed on the choke, then he has the option of using different views of cameras at each and every point from inside of the car to the outside, and from the rear side besides the wheel curve. Because you have different steering options, I normally prefer to use the accelerometer, throttle and brake version.


I just love the feature through which we can earn lots of Virtual dollars just by playing the game or by driving car per kilometer; we can get the money every time when we drive the car. And then later you can use these dollars to buy new cars, so that you could improve your ranking position by using latest cars, or earn more money and unlock other maps. As this game have various options, and lots of details about virtual world, all this will add an element of originality and open game scenario, which allows you to drive anywhere you want and do anything you want to do, at any speed.


Overall it’s a good game to play, but it has got a limited area to drive, I really don’t mean area is small but it’s limited. If this flow is corrected it will become number one racing game amongst all. And this game really needs to be updated in respect of its maps and cars collection. There should be option of online racing as well.


This game is most probably the best one, which I have ever played. And the best part of it is when you hit the outskirts of one zone of the game, the next is loaded quickly and gives you all new detail, innovative buildings and fresh themes with new textures like airport, landscape, and many more.

You can free download Car Driving Simulator 3D from Google Play Store Now.

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