Download Updated Google Maps Free and track better lattitude, save battery life


Updated Google Maps

Yesterday CES (Consumer Electronics Show) tell that Google update their Google Maps application. The hottest Google Maps for Android promises to increase battery life while at the same time improving place tracking within Google Latitude, a program known for its unwanted effect on battery life.

The newest Google Maps has also enhanced Transit Navigation; the update delivers a greater estimate of your place when you lose GPS indication and ups the number of probable transit routes from 3 to 4.

As somebody who has used Transit Navigation, the adjustments are very welcome and address a few problems I have had with Google’s service, which is however in beta.

Download Updated Google Maps Free

Download Updated Google Maps Free

Lastly, the newest update provides more indoor maps, which you can use to get around a variety of indoor places in the US, mostly in the Las Vegas places for CES.

It’s actually nice to see Google performing to enhance their feature set while concentrating on improving battery life, which can get very badly hit in the Navigation process. If you have not already, be sure to head over to the market and update your Google Maps app to enjoy the latest and biggest Google has to offer.

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