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Pigs in Trees is a game with wonderful features and great Graphics. Hope you can also play Angry Birds. The theme of this game is much familiar than Angry Birds… Like Angry Birds, main characters are pigs and birds, but before this is just a horrible part of the third spin-off, think again. Pigs in the trees instead placed on the side of the pork and you must defend your tree (which seems perfectly logical in the game) against birds entering. Mixed gameplay, fun graphics and high dependency make the game very convincing.

pigs in trees for android

Download Pigs in Trees Free For Android

The peaks are attacking your tree and your role is to defend your home and family of pig invasion force of the enemy. Use a timeline mechanical design of the actual game, you must protect the nest tree by cutting pork enemy air force peaks are pigs.


  1. Extreme gameplay!
  2. 4 Campaigns and 75 stages.
  3. Many power-ups and crazy fun to collect.
  4. Make combos and get big scores.

Pros & Cons:


  • Awesome game!
  • Excellent graphics!
  • Cool weapons and bonuses!
  • A lot of different enemies!


  • Random crashes.
  • Random graphical errors.
  • Inability to mute the sound.

pigs in trees free download

Pigs in the trees as easily pick-up-and-play element that can make a game very addictive. You can easily become very absorbed and lose an hour or so just work your way through the levels. It is complicated to learn all the different weapons and enemies, but it’s a fun trip anyway.
Pigs in the trees has four seasons with a total of 75 levels filled with fun in the battle and you can find the game absolutely free right now in the Android Market. Have Fun!!!

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