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Glu Mobile launches it’s latest action game known as Frontline Commando that combines shooting, action, and the game is free of cost. Gamers become a part of one man army dealing with waves of enemies in various missions.
The shootouts in some cases occur close enough to use a shotgun or assault rifle, or way enough to use a sniper rifle with scope. In spite of the range, the odds are against you, so you will need to get weapon and defense upgrades from the store.


The greatest 3rd person shooter with gorgeous console excellent visuals, specific controls, superior physics and destructibles. Get in the heat of war and push your Android device to the limit!

Appear from destructible cover points to get down choppers, jeeps and heavily protected enemy bases. Fight off significantly hard waves of enemies over a wide range of combat mission types.

Download FRONTLINE COMMANDO Free for Android

Get to the frontline with an artillery of assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, medi kits, armor and more!

Android 2.1+ required

Frontline Commando is a good game that can provide a great stability of difficulty and fun. Handles for aiming, firing, reloading, and monitoring threats. There are many tasks and success games to complete, so give it a try if your Android phone is compatible.

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  1. I have this game on Ipad and on my Android 4-Tablet. On the Ipad everything is running fine but I have big trouble when I try the game on Android. It trys to boot but it breaks when when you see the Soldier in orange Sunlight. It doesn’t matter how good the internet connection is.
    Yesterday I could play the Tutorial Mission before it cracks up again, after endless bad trys. I loaded the game from google play, so it should be running without trouble.

    What is going wrong here? May you can help me. On Ipad is Version 1.0.0 and on the Android is 1.0.1- is that a cause of trouble maybe?


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  2. de la primul nivel nu ami da glu ( bani de aur care poti cumpara arme).

    In English: The first level gives me no money (to buy gold and weapons)

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