Download Fireflies Live Wallpaper Free for Android


Fireflies live background for Android fireflies dance around swinging light bulbs in a dark room lit. This gives adjusted the screen refresh rate, color, Firefly, Firefly speed and bright backgrounds. You can adjust the number of fireflies and refresh rate of the accelerometer. This live wallpaper is like a theme apply on your mobile.

Download Fireflies Live Wallpaper Free for Android
View balancing fireflies dancing around in a dark room lights illuminated. This wallpaper is designed to run the best perspective and the CPU usage to a minimum, the commercial version (now) uses about 10% while idling in an earlier generation of Motorola Milestone, after reducing screen the refresh rate to about 10 frames per second, while the free edition uses about 19% at 20 frames per second with a key. If you like Halloween Live wallpers, so Download Halloween Gravity Live Wallpaper Free for Android from here.

This free version has all the features of an enterprise, with the exception of customizable settings, the battery life counter support for the accelerometer, flashing fireflies and other colors for them.

What’s new in this version: Version 1.1.4 adds new corporate logo, changed your background to opaque, and adjusted the default settings to match the free version.

Author: shoaib

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