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Dream Zoo is an absolutely free game for Android. The kids will be excited to hear this season that you bought them a zoo but keep in mind that there are in-game purchases and those rhino trousers can begin to add up (I don’t know if you can buy rhino trousers but I hope you can). Plus, I never know about you, but I think I found my new Saturday night.

At its extremely core, Dream Zoo has a reasonable bit in popular with its like-minded genre ancestors. Players will get a pair of animals jointly, have them do the night time grown-up dance, and out bursts a new baby to add to their environment. It’s here, though, that the parallels to other zoo games come to a agriculture halt.

Dream Zoo

Download Dream Zoo for Android Free

Using this familiar set up as a starting point, Zynga takes Dream Zoo in a variety of suggestions – some brand new, others familiar, but still fresh in the world of zoo play. For example, you know how in CityVille you can place designs near buildings to increase their fiscal output? The same mechanics are in play here, but utilize to the cash you will earn from each habitat.

While we appreciate seeing little tweaks that Zynga has learned from past games being applied to new secretes, what really gets us energized are the bigger changes to the genre. The most familiar change is that, rather than breeding for the sake of breeding, breeding in Dream Zoo is all about trading up to a better generation of animal. We recommend you to Download Physics based Game World of Goo available in the Android Market for Free, hope you like it.

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