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Do you love strategy games? You are in luck, 6Dwarves is launching a new strategy game designed by Harebrained Schemes, the people behind the unique Shadowrun.

Strikefleet Omega Strikefleet Omega Barcode leaves players versus the Hive Queen and her minions. Beat her by ordering the EEF Retribution and all its squadrons. Gamers will experience with wave after wave of aliens strikes while trying to command mining operations and improving their guarding fleet.

Strikefleet Omega will be accessible on Google Play. Download Strikefleet Omega from Google Play

Strange bugs may have ruined Earth and decreased its space fleet to a ragtag small number of survivors. If you have got an Android device, you can still ranking a few wins for humanity with Strikefleet Omega.

To do that, you will travel from system to system trying to battle significantly difficult attacks from the aliens. Success is a matter of beating a specific number of attacker ships without losing your control ship.

You does not have to fight alone. It is complement of fighters is fantastic for getting out the most primary opponent ships, but later levels find you up against guarded bugs, bombers and even alien capital ships. Thankfully, human beings still has some more items up its sleeve, and you will be able to unlock interceptors, bombers and gunships to counter particular threats.

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Graphically, Strikefleet Omega will not knock your footwear off, but the art work is awesome, and it’s apparent some attention went into the ship style. The appropriately triumphant concept that performs at the end of a cleaned stage is the highlight of the sound outcomes. The only element that can actually be called an irritation is the presence of advertisements during the loading screen and in-between missions, as they feel a tiny more in your face than in other freemium games.

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