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It should be observed that Master of the Seas is much more closely relevant to the social games you would find on Facebook than whatever else. So if social games just are not for you, then you likely will not get much from this one. During the game, you are invited to connect to Facebook, share with friends, and make friends. While it is totally possible to proceed on without actually linking to and making friends, the progress will be shateringly slow. That becoming sad, on with the rest of the review!

Pirates of the Caribbean Free for Android

Expert of Pirates of Carribean Bar Code the Seas is the first cell phone game to merge deep story and outstanding graphics with powerful social gameplay. Come to be a pirate as you make your ship, build your team, and embark on missions covered around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.

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  • Encourage friends to join your team, the greater your team the stronger you are!
  • Fight other pirates to gain benefits and improve your standing.
  • Buy cannons, guns, amulets, and components to upgrade your ship.
  • Explore incredible islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience.

Only the smartest pirates know when to plunder rivals, challengers friends, and chart a course to become a star — The Master of the Seas!


The way this game is performed is quite easy – sail around in your ship from island to island on a mission to finish quests, combat other pirates, and finally become master of the seas. Basically, there are only four factors of this game you will have to focus on, and all those are your team, battles, stabilizing up, and missions. Everything is story-based, so you would not basically be using any controls, guiding ships, or firing weapons.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Overall, this game is very fun. It is designed more towards social players, so it may not be for every person. However, the story that goes together with it is enjoyment and entertaining, so those that do not normally like games like this and can still appreciate it.

Watch the Actual Gameplay Video Below:

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