How the Network Learning Path Can Help You With Your Citrix Certification


If you’re interested in working as a network administrator or a network analyst, Citrix offers you the opportunity to learn the skills necessary in order to gain the Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) for Citrix NetScaler 9 certification. You can learn these skills by pursuing the Citrix network learning path.

Citrix’s Network Learning Path:

In order to work as a network administrator or network analyst, you’ll need a good introduction to VPX. Citrix’s network learning path will provide the training you’ll need in the key benefits, deployment guidelines, deployment scenarios, and related installation aspects of VPX.

Citrix network learning path

Additionally, you’ll need to be familiar with concepts relating to setup and configuration, including configuration of the load-balancing features. You’ll need to understand the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition features. Other skills that you will learn during the course of the networking learning path include configuring VPN virtual servers, monitoring the NetScaler system, and using application templates to optimize web traffic. You’ll also learn how to describe each of the following: content switching, monitoring NetScaler, SSL offload, load balancing, classic expressions, and advanced expressions.

As part of the learning path, Citrix offers both the CNS-201 Getting Started with Citrix NetScaler VPX training course and the CNS-203 Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.2 training course. In order to earn your CCA certification, you may also wish to utilize the exam preparation services of Examrace (Visit it here).

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