Don’t Get Crashed Racing Game for Android Phone

Racing is a desire of extensive number of individuals. They generally attempt to drive quick and rash even in city streets. They sometimes got fined in vast number of event however they don’t stop rash driving. At times they got mishaps and lose their valuable lives. Don’t get crashed is an answer for them in a manner that they need to control two rash rather slaughtering autos who are attempting to collide one another. Don’t Get Crashed Racing Game In don’t get crash two auto are hustling oppositely one another in two separate tracks. We have controls of one auto. Second auto can move track at any time so you need to change the track of your auto that they don’t impact one another. For moving of track you simply need to tap on the screen. On the successful completion of one track you get one score and it continues expanding by finishing high number of tracks. Best part about this game is that you can share your scores to your companions on facebook and twitter and test them to beat your scores. It makes this game more addictive and stunning. A design of this diversion is exceptionally eye getting you would clearly love them. Good luck fellows and share your remarks on...

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Swizzle A Free Social Music Platform to Share Music

There are thousands of apps for an Android, so you are always likely to find the exact game or music you want. Your smartphone can handle a host of audio apps and with these apps you can have access to millions of songs. Swizzle is a music based social network, allowing you to play all the playlists completely free. You are at liberty to use Swizzle for when planning a party and be able to already be selecting party music ahead of the event. You will be able to update the playlist with your favorite artist’s new music videos. With Swizzle you can become the music guru you always dreamed of becoming. Free Social Music Platform to Share Music: The Swizzle app can be used on your Android phone and users are able to o mix and loop their free music playlists and share these with whoever they want. You will be able to share your favorite pastime with others who have a similar music interest. You need to be 17 years old to download this app. The Google Play Store is opened with the download button and from there you continue the download process. Get your music more exposure and you can build your own customized playlist with the videos on YouTube and in Swizzle and then share this with friends. Once you have invited them to use the app, you can then check out their playlists and see what it is that they are listening to. The fun part is that as a music guru now with Swizzle, you will be able to not only create playlists for certain events or people, you can also, as a budding musician, share your music and get it more exposure. Swizzle is free to use and requires Android 4.0 or later models. When you look at customer reviews you will see that the app gets a 4.5 out of five star rating just for being so cool. Some of the key features of Swizzle: – The UI is attractive and modern – You can build your own playlists – The application supports continuous and background play – Nice for listening to while you get on with other things – You can add songs through searching YouTube music videos in Swizzle – You can meet new people who love the same music and artists that you do and add songs from their playlist to yours – Share music anywhere with Swizzle – They are powered by official open sources from YouTube Expand Your Musical Knowledge Fancy yourself a music guru? It is said that people with lots of general knowledge are...

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Top 10 Android Apps In The Month Of June

Smartphone is a necessity now days for the new generation. There are apps regarding everything. You can find every type of apps and can download it easily. We can make a hierarchy of apps and the top 10 android apps for the month of June are as follows: SMART IR REMOTE With the help of this app you can control all those systems that receive infrared commands because this app simply turns your smart phone into a smart remote and now you are able to control the devices like Air Conditioner, TV, DVD, VCR, amplifier etc. EVERY POST This app is for the person who loves dealing with a lot of social apps. This eases your dealings with different social apps. For example if a person wants to update same status on twitter, facebook and google+ then this app will do it for you and will post the same status on three sites. ADDAPPT This app helps to update your address book every time a person changes the details. It keeps a track of all the contacts in your phone and automatically does the work for you and also sync the contacts from facebook and Gmail. PING TUNE If you are a music lover and love to share your favorite tracks with friends then this app is for you. It helps you to share a full length audio or a full length video with your friend including threads like chatting in watsapp. It also includes the source from where the track is being shared for example sound cloud or youtube. STUMBLE UPON This is the the most apposite app related to all content. You just have to do is to tell the app about your inclination like music, fashion, trips etc And it brings the best content to you in the form of a perfect mixture of music, photos, articles, quotes and trips etc. IFTTT IFTTT or ‘if this then that’ is a newly arrived app on android which robotically makes a copy of every useful action on your phone for example makes a copy of every text message and sends it to your email. PHOGY 3D This is a worth using 3D photography app that makes your pictures come live. You just need to move your camera towards right and click a shot which you can even use as wallpaper or screensaver. SIDEBAR PLUS This app makes a side bar on your home screen which is always a smart move as the most used features of your smart phone are only a touch away. SCANBOT PDF SCANNER This scan app is a bit ahead of the others, it...

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Top 10 Fitness Android Apps of the month June

NIKE+RUNNING This is one of the best apps related to running. It is the easiest and cheering app; it just starts up, traces your itinerary using GPS and records your distance, time and pace. Moreover you can challenge your friends as well. PZZIZ SLEEP This app helps you when you are sleep destitute, contains the sound of ocean that respites your brain and relaxes you. You can always take a restful nap, get recharged and then start up again with a perfect workout.   FITOCRACY Fitocracy is one of those fitness apps which are designed like a game where you can share your progress, can put forward your challenges and then break them with the help of motivating videos posted by other members which are very useful. TRAIN TRIP- WEIGHT OFF YOUR MIND Everyone has thought of a dream body in mind and wants to gain it. This app attains your dream body with the help of the power of mind. Two techniques that is hypno-therapeutic audio tracks and neuro-linguistic programming toil on the muscles of mind so that you can cure and prevent the cause of your weight gain and not the symptoms. MYFITNESSPAL This is the calorie counter ap. It counts the calories in your choice of food and ultimately keeps you on a proper schedule that is complementary to your diet plan and so keeps you fit. WORKOUT HERO This app contains the videos of 700 workouts. You can upload your session to facebook, twitter or other social apps that you want. You can also track your friend’s training and take help from them in improving yours. INTERVAL PRO Interval pro is the type of app that works more like a stop watch but without clicking it. People who are used to work out with intervals can use this app. It looks affective when it beeps after the intervals of your exercise, play or work time break is over. NIKE+TRAINING CLUB This app is more like a training club; it breaks down large 15-45 minutes exercises into small slints and eases your workout. This is more like a partner for the persons who are already going to the gym. Moreover you can also share your output with your friends through this app. VIEW RANGER OUTDOORS GPS & MAPS If you want to search for the nearest outdoors then this is the coolest app. It tracks down the nearest swimming, cycling, hiking, running and horse riding routes for you. TEMPO RUN Listening to music while exercising makes you enthusiastic but it should not be too slow that becomes boring and should not be too fast that it...

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