Download Wireless Tether Free for Android Root Users

This software enables tethering (via wifi) for “rooted” mobile phones running on android. Users can connect via wifi (ad-hoc mode)and gain access to to the internet using the 3G, 2G mobile connection which is set up by the handset. This application allows WiFi and Bluetooth tethering (PAN) for “rooted” mobile phones. WiFi-tethering makes also called adhoc (peer-to-peer) network on most devices. Infra structure-mode is supported for some equipment – including the HTC Flyer for illustration. Wireless Tether Features: Access-control function. Allow/deny customers to use your mobile-data connection. WiFi Encrytion. 128-bit WEP in common. WPA/WPA2 on supported devices. Decrease wifi-transmit strength (on supported devices) Settings for wifi-ssid, wifi-channel, lan-network and more. This program requires a “rooted” device and a custom kernel which supports netfilter! Prerequisites: Root Netfilter-enabled kernel For more information, Visit developer-site Warning: Use this application at your own risk. It is possible that use of this application may violate your carrier’s Terms of Services. Download Wireless Tether Free for Android Root Users Permits to set up a forced wifi-driver re-install (default behavior now). This can be deactivated from application settings. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Application Settings. If you notice any troubles, please file a new...

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Download Screenshot It for Android

Take a screen shot of your mobile’s screen. It could possibly required a rooted phone (will depend on phone). Crop the screenshot or save as it is you take. It will gives you many options for sharing a screen shot on web. After save screenshot in to your phone, you can also set as wallpaper or as a screen saver. Take a screen shot of your phone’s screen, save as a jpg or png file, and share on facebook, twitter, picasa or anywhere on web! Download Screenshot It for Android – Android Market Link Screenshot It Features: Crop screen shots Sketch and annotate screen shot Screen shot status bar button Screenshot widget button Shake to screen shot Delayed screen shot timer “Share” menu integration Custom save directory Works on ALL rooted devices, including Honeycomb! NOTE: If this edition does not work, please download “No Root Screenshot It“, which will work on your phone (also available on the Android market). NOTE: To remove superuser authorization toast message from your screen shot, go to your “superuser permissions” application and turn off toast...

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This ROM is based on most recent nightly of CM7 with my kernel and my tablet tweaks added to create the possibly smoothest and fastest HD2 ROM you have ever had. It´s accessible for MAGLDR and CLK Boot loader. Critical thing that you need to know: This ROM works with SWAP / NO SWAP FOR SWAP CREATION SEE PAGE 2 DON’T WANT SWAP!?, INSTALL REVERT TO LIGHT! Whats inside: GPS LIBS 2.1 NMEA with AGPS assist 5 to 20 second to GPS lock Included GPS Status application to test GPS Camera that make images with 100% Jpeg quality Video on High Definition 800×480 in MPEG4 format! sleek with no delays Included MIUI Camera v17 Fixed2, for all Standard CM7 FM Radio Advertisements block in HOSTS file, more than 23,500 advertisements blocked Totally root with new super user 3.02 presently updated to latest SU Already installed Busybox 1.19, set up and ready CLK Ril_Wrapper 4 installed to fix the connection problem Included GTALK 1.3 with voice and video support Added latest Google Applications reduced pack, only needed apps DATA, WIFI, GPS, AUTO DIM LIGHTS as DEFAULT! Installation Guide: If you are right here and want this ROM then you have already CLK / MAG partition installed and ready. If not you should check how too in any different ROM long guide for starters. This is the most superior ROM for now. Decide which version you want: 1.With Swap High End Version: you will require an auto task-killer since the Internal Auto killer is DISABLED!!! Suggested are System Tuner Pro + Advanced Task Killer To make it High-End create a SD-ext as usual + create a swap partition and flash my ROM 2.Without Swap Lite Version: Home-Refreshes will be present To make your ROM a lite edition use in install menu “REVERT to LIGHT” Display the CWM partition layout from Mirrors, Create a backup of SD card. Format it and create a SDext and swap(256Mb), Everything will be done by my scripts and ROM. Boot and restore all your stuff and customize it to your individual desires. Make a backup via recovery after all to have a backup if you do something bad later. How to update: Clear cache Clear Dalvik cache (not necessary if you don´t have any problems) Download and flash new release like usual REBOOT When booted, wait till CPU will be down at 0~10CPU usage, REBOOT no permission fix needed Download Mirrors are Listed Below: Download Mirror 1 Download Mirror 2 Download Mirror 3 Download Mirror 4 That’s all you need…. Have Fun..!!!! Thanks to xda-developer:...

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