First Software Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 – Errors Resolved

The wait of Samsung Galaxy S3 owner’s is over, and its first software update is released. Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 has got software update to build IMM76D.I535VRALG7. The update is 30.7 MB in size. Most importantly, it has resolved the error of “No Sim”. Samsung Galaxy S3 users are very well aware of this error message “No Sim”, which kept popping out time to time on the device from the time of release of device. There are also other error fixes along “No Sim”. Check out the list of device enhancements below: Improved stability and connectivity with Back Up Assistant. Added support for viewing the Guided Tour video’s over the Cellular Network. Enhanced Customer Support with Verizon Remote Diagnostics. New customer care solution to improve service experience. When a customer calls into Verizon Wireless customer care, this solution, with the customer’s permission, allows support personnel to remotely view the user’s device for device training, application demonstrations and troubleshooting. Improved Data Connectivity when using SBeam. NFC (TecTile) tagging issue resolved to ensure pre-programmed text messages are accurate. “No SIM” pop up issue has been resolved. Go update your Samsung Galaxy S3 today and get rid of all the bugs. For more Samsung Galaxy updates, click...

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Pixeldroid Final Edition RC7 Rom with AROMA INSTALLER/HTC Sensation XL

Here is the one of my Android Rom which I also wants to publish here. It depends on on the UrDroid Rom from carl1961. He has designed a fantastic primary element for me and I have enhanced it for my requirements. Modified Aroma Installer with my Designs in English and German language more Applications, Tweaks and Widgets What’s New in this Edition: Beat audio XLOUD SWAP ZRAM RCTweaks download from SD Stock Cam, AMAZE Cam, Desire 3.0 Cam, MIUI Cam marc1706 2.2 Kernel WiFi/Bluetooth MAC target is truly unique now. GBLeoKernel-1.3-TBD+WiFi with working Hotspot Speed Adjustments DSP Bass Boost Themed and NO Themed Rom GPS for Germany in AROMA included my ROM-UPDATER Sense 4 Clock and Wallpaper Installation of Pixeldroid Final Edition RC7 Rom accu should have 50% install my recovery (Download Links Below) – TMOUS….system Partition size 130 or 170 MB in the Linked Files – EU….system Partition size 130 or 170 MB in the Attached Files make a EXT4 little 1024 MB or better for EU and Tmous make clean data, cache, Dalvic and Power States Rom set up via CWM -> change your configurations in AROMA Installer Set up finish go CWM -> Advanced -> Fix Premision for much better WLAN Connect for greater work -> Daemon Operator settings to see on top in gif conditions renewal with opens switch off. everyone allows to load widgets on display screen once and simply in some cases Rom on leo permit to settle down Download: Pixeldroid Final Edition RC7 Rom with AROMA INSTALLER/HTC Sensation XL 1. Download Link for Themed ROM 2. Download Link for Non Themed ROM source: pixelfreak-XDA...

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HTC sales sheet states the One X beats the Samsung Galaxy S III

HTC and Samsung have introduced the two most thrilling Android phones this year. The HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III will be the most wanted handsets this summer, but customers are going to have a hard time choosing which one is the best for them. Luckily, HTC has put together “special packs” for its sales staff which compares the two devices. I am sure you can guess which One came out on top. HTC’s matchup among the two phones has a couple of solid points, HTC labeling the design of the Samsung Galaxy S III as “disappointing” and that its screen is “dull” or has a lower solidity than that of the One X. Below are some of the features of HTC’s One X comparison with the Galaxy S III: HTC’s sales sheet states that despite being 0.3mm thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S III, the HTC One X is light in weight and feels thinner than its opponent. Best counter is that Samsung galaxy S III offer’s 32 GB of internal storage and HTC one X provide 25GB of DropBox cloud storage. New samsung Galaxy S III can be bought with 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal space, and in addition to 50GB of DropBox cloud storage. It is really hard to compare the two products and pick a clear winner. Do you consent with HTC? Is the HTC One X much better than the Samsung Galaxy S III? Let us know which functions or specs have the most influence on your buying decisions and which phone you will purchase this...

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Hands-on Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Phone

Phil acquired his mitts on the Samsung Galaxy Beam at Mobile World Congress 2012, but it is absolutely worth seeing the built-in projector in action. Just to repeat, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is operating Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a dual-core 1 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM, 8 GB of regional storage, 4-inch WVGA display, and a 2000 mAh battery to maintain the projector humming along. Exterior of experts that need to do a lot of demonstrations in the field, I could see the Beam becoming a good choice for those that seem to watch video just before going to bed; just plug it in, prop it into a stand, and project some sleepy movies onto the wall. It’s still a very certain niche, though; are any of you guys especially excited about a fresh device with a projector? The last time we saw a mobile phone remotely like this was the LG Expo. Video Below!!! via: android...

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Top 5 Android ROMS of all time and available Free for Download

1. TriangleAway can Reset your Flash Counter Tool: The flash counter and triangle express had to be stored somewhere. Everybody knew that. Guesses have been made in the past where it could be, and I have individually compared the raw flash disk content between different amount of personalized flashes in the past, not able to find any differences. You can get rid of of and evaluate the entire /dev/block/mmcblk0 and you will not find a change (you’ll find a few unallocated and unused gaps, though). Read complete Features of TriangleAway Here and Download From Here 2. Download Screenshot It for Android: Take a screen shot of your cell phone screen. It could perhaps required a rooted phone (will depend on phone). Crop the screen shot or save as it is you take. It will gives you a lot of options like sharing a screen shot on web. After save screenshot in to your cellphone, you can also set as wallpaper or as a screen saver. Read complete Features of Screenshot It Here and Download From Here 3. ICS Nova Launcher icons update for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Nova launcher has just obtained an awesome update. Although up-dates are not actually needed to this presently outstanding home launcher, but we will enjoyably welcome extra improvements and possibilities. Nova Launcher brings even more changes and configurations to your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich home screen. Read complete Features of ICS Nova Launcher Here and Download From Here 4. HTC Jetstream gets custom CWM based recovery and permaroot: While development for the HTC Jetstream has been very slim since its release that is absolutely not to say the device has been left behind totally by programmers and now, some new doors have been opened. Read complete Features of CWM based recovery and permaroot Here and Download From Here 5. Jaws MIUI Android NAND-ROM Free Download For HTC Hd2: Love iPhone 4 so much? but have no money to buy one? Try Jaws MIUI Android NAND-ROM and convert your iPhone with the HTC HD2 MIUI 4 is another great improvement to CyanogenMod. I like his theme manager MiUI Music, Miren browser … Additional Stuff and improvements will be added in the upcoming. It is based on the Android os Froyo 2.2.1, and using MIUI 31-12 Hastarin oldcam 8.6 by tytung KerneThings that not working. Read complete Features of MIUI Android NAND-ROM Here and Download From...

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TriangleAway can Reset your Flash Counter Tool

XDA Programmer Chainfire offers his latest app TriangleAway. The tool will give you the solution to reset your flash counter and remove the yellow triangle by coding the boot-loader. Use it only on rooted devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich as it’s OS. Chainfire Said that: The flash counter and triangle state had to be saved somewhere. Everybody knew that. Guesses have been made in the previous where it could be, and I have individually compared the raw flash disk material between different amount of personalized flashes in the past, not able to find any differences. You can dispose of and evaluate the entire /dev/block/mmcblk0 and you will not find a difference (you’ll find a few unallocated and unused gaps, though). The solution comes with the new kernel utilizes by ICS builds. The flash disk basically has two hidden boot partitions, /dev/block/mmcblk0boot0 and /dev/block/mmcblk0boot1 . The MMC driver in the kernels used for Gingerbread did not present these partitions in the past, the MMC driver in the ICS kernel does. Before long as more formal ICS firmwares become offered, much more products will be able to use this exciting tool which should be used for experts only, as it can probably brick your expensive toy. Please leave your feedback and stay tuned with us on Facebook and Twitter. Source: Original XDA...

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